Everyone’s school had at least one horse-crazy girl and a weird kid who always had their nose in a book. With H.K. Ewing, that’s a package deal.

In high school, she finished a 900 page fantasy novel and set it aside just in time for the AP US History test. She graduated college in 2011 with degrees in Anthropology and Sociology, and received her Masters in 2014. She spent most of her time in college and graduate school writing for fan communities, honing her craft and bathing in peer critiques (and a few flames).

In 2014, she stumbled across that 900 page doorstop again, realized it was salvagable, and got to work. AWAKENED is the first installment of this decade-long project.

She loves worldbuilding, creating diverse and unique cultures driven by her background in anthropology; ensuring broad representation, especially of disability; and writing stories whose plots range from the mundane to the magical to the celestial.

For more information on the multiverse of Reyhördryk, check out the worldbuilding page. A summary of Awakened can be found here.

When not writing, worldbuilding, or complaining about either of the two, she is an avid video and tabletop gamer, musician, crafter, and former (hopefully future) fencer. At the moment, she and her dog Moreau call Delaware home.

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