As H.K. Ewing is seeking representation, all information is preliminary.

In Awakened the fates of four nations, the world, and possibly the very cosmos rest on an anxious young woman, her mother, and a group of misfits and outcasts.

When Adella turned 19 she wanted one thing: to stay home. But, as Heir-in-Waiting of the Borderlands, she’s required to tour their ally Luterma for two years, so she leaves and prays for an uneventful trip.

Moments after arriving in the capital, she is chosen as the bearer of the legendary, sentient, and very grumpy Sword Altariel, a harbinger of dangerous times. And within a day, an ancient enemy – a man who ascended to near godhood – is released from his prison at Luterma’s center. Within a week, he has taken Luterma as his own.

And now, only Adella stands between him and the destruction of everything she knows.

AWAKENED is the first installation of the Ahmani’s Chosen series. The next three books, The Golden Dawn, The Sword and the Storm, and Forged Key, Favored Daughter continue Adella Laran’s story as she struggles with Mortizan, herself, and her place in a world she no longer understands.

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